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Wednesday 22nd November

harbour porpoise
An unexpected trip at the end of the season, a whole four weeks after our last one during half term! A weather and swell window over the next few days allowed us to  head out with seven passengers to see what we have been missing over the last month. As ever  when you have been off the water for a while, there’s a bit of exploration and guess work going on. Heading out from Penzance we saw some tuna-y splashes over towards Newlyn, and heading over a big one jumped clear of the water. On the island there was a really good number of seals hauled out and in the water – we counted fifteen in total. One of them was making some very grumpy noises as another one hauled out on the rock next door. We then got the sails up and headed offshore, where we found….very little! There were guillemots and razorbills whizzing past but other than that it was very quiet so we headed back to shore and saw a very intense burst of gannet and gull activity, but nothing else apparently feeding there. Further back into the bay we found the fins and had several fantastic encounters with pods of harbour porposies. The last group in particular were very curious and swam round the boat repeatedly surfacing and surfing down the wavelets. It was so clear we could see their little bodies under the water as they dashed around the boat. It’s definitely worth heading out to sea in November!