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Sightings Blog


Saturday 25th November

A chilly grey day today, and conditions weren’t nearly as still and glassy as we were promised! However we had a lovely end of season trip with some fun friendly people on board – thanks for coming guys! Even though it was high tide we saw some seals hauled out on rocks on the island…

Wednesday 22nd November

An unexpected trip at the end of the season, a whole four weeks after our last one during half term! A weather and swell window over the next few days allowed us to  head out with seven passengers to see what we have been missing over the last month. As ever  when you have been…

Tuesday 4th July

We had a four hour trip followed by a two hour trip today. As has become “normal” over the last few weeks, we found Risso’s dolphins first thing  – we are starting to recognise some of them now as we get good ID shots, and we have certainly seen some of these individuals in previous…

Thursday 15th June

We had two Ocean Discovery trips today in calm conditions and hot sun. We saw grey seals down at the island, especially well this morning when they were hauled out on the rocks. We then headed westwards and everything seemed very quiet – until lots of feeding gannets were spotted in the far distance. Underneath…

A map of our sightings in 2021

Marine Discovery Sightings 2021: it was a fantatsic year for sightings in Mount’s Bay! What a fantastic year 2021 was for wildlife sightings. I was going through the records just to get an idea and found that we saw: Bottlenose Dolphins: 128 Common Dolphins: 9427 Fin Whales: 1 possibly 2 Harbour Porpoises: 1810 Minke Whales:…

Watching basking sharks

Watching basking sharks There seem to be a lot of basking sharks in the bay at the moment. We are finding them in lots of different places on our tours. The water is very clear at the moment so when they come close the views are spectacular. The last few years have been quieter for…

Offshore bottlenose dolphins

Wtaching offshore bottlenose dolphins We found this large offshore pod of bottlenose dolphins recently. They are genetically exactly the same as the inshore bottlenose dolphins we see. However the two rarely if ever seem to mix. The offshore type are usually in larger pod sizes. There were over 50 in this group.

Crew training – adventure sailing

Crew training – adventure sailing We headed out for a crew training sail today. It was great to be back out there harnessing the power of the wind.

Identifying the different rorqual whales

Identifying the differnt rorqual whales can be surpringly tricky can be tricky The easterly wind are keeping us off the water so I thought I would make a video. The whales we see off the Cornish coast are most likely to be minke whales, fin whales and occasionally sei whales (the rarest of these three)….