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Wednesday 25th October

common dolphin

After today half term is going to get  pretty windy, so we were pleased to have two trips today. This morning’s Ocean Discovery passengers saw large groups of harbour porpoises feeding with gannets – they were even leaping and breaching like dolphins as they charged around after fish. We also had lovely views of seals both in the water and out on the rocks, bluefin tuna and several Portuguese men of war. On the afternoon Bay Discovery instead of the porpoises, we saw lots of common dolphins coming in from the south and west chasing fish into the bay. We had amazing views of tuna too – a massive one leapt right next to us. Seabird sightings were good with guillemots, razorbills, gannets and kittiwakes. As we came back into the harbour there was a Portuguese man of war floating at the entrance. They are everywhere so take care in the water and on the beaches!