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Tuesday 24th October

a dolphin jumping out of the water

It was very choppy today after the windy weather yesterday and overnight, so trips were just two hours long. This morning spotting conditions were very tricky – we saw bluefin tuna, seals in the water and some brief porpoises. We also had great views of a Portuguese Man of War. Seabird sightings included razorbills, guillemots, kittiwakes and ganents. This afternoon, conditions improved slightly, though it was still pretty lumpy. South of Lamorna we started spotting common dolphins who were rushing round feeding with tuna. Eventually they headed over to the boat and accompanied us as we sailed back inshore. We passed a little flock of gulls dipping in and out of the water, showing us where there were tuna feeding – everyone got great views. Things look somewhat calmer tomorrow and we have spaces available at 1pm.