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Sunday 22nd October

A common dolphin surfacing
We had two great trips today, a Bay Discovery in the morning and a last minute Ocean Discovery in the afternoon. During the morning the inner part of the bay was alive with hunting porpoises and gannets tracking them, firing into the water like arrows. There were also bluefin tuna down there in the action, with a couple breaching very close to the boat. We also saw some seals round the island – one was hauled out even at high tide. There were flocks of curlews and whimbrels round the island; their calls are always very evocative of estuaries in the twilight!
On the afternoon Ocean Discovery we saw lots more seals as the tide was lower, then found some very interactive common dolphins. Just before we found them an active squall passed over, which left some beautiful rainbows. Seeing dolphins and rainbows together is a pretty special experience! We also saw the same kind of action as the morning, with hunting gannets, porpoises and tuna. It’s still all going on out there!