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Tuesday 29th August

minke whale

We had three trips today in mainly grey and mizzly conditions. The wildlife was fantastic again though, and the sun came out for the late afternoon Bay Discovery. This morning we had great views of a lunge feeding minke whale, along with scores of common dolphins, bluefin tuna and seabirds including more Cory’s and great shearwaters. We also saw a few hauled out grey seals. The feeding behaviour was so fascinating we were very late back! On the first Bay Discovery of the afternoon we sailed southwards and found lots of shearwaters flitting around, and underneath there were more common dolphins who dashed over to investigate us on Shearwater II. They were the first of several we found, and we also saw some harbour porpoises and a leaping tuna. We had a lovely chilled sail on the final trip of the day with more dolphins and seals spotted, and seabirds including common scoters.