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Monday 28th August

Whale and dolphins

It was a chilly grey day today but we had two awesome trips. A bank holiday whale seems to be becoming a bit of a tradition, and we got one today – a very large minke feeding with common dolphins on this morning’s four hour trip. The northerly wind of the last few days seems to have pushed everything out a bit, but we found a few really productive spots. There were four types of shearwaters feeding with the whale and dolphins, gannets, kittiwakes and other gulls. Closer inshore we saw some very energetic porpoises charging around and feeding under lots of gannets – we even got to see their little faces. There were a couple of seals hauled out on the island, one of which has got a nasty looking abscess under his eye. On the afternoon three hour trip we headed in similar direction and were again rewarded by scores of common dolphins feeding, socialising and bowriding as we sailed, and thousands of shearwaters of various species. Tomorrow looks calmer so hopefully we will get similarly good sightings.