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Saturday 26th August

Ocean sunfish

These long August days are continuing – a three hour trip this morning followed by two 2-hour trips this afternoon. We saw a really good variety of wildlife. We sailed towards the Runnelstone on the northwesterly wind this morning and found lots of harbour porpoises feeding, common dolphins, tuna and lots of seabirds. On the first Bay Discovery this afternoon we had to go a long way south but far in the distance we spotted a seabird feeding frenzy – there were hundreds of gannets, Manx shearwaters, Cory’s shearwaters, kittiwakes and other gulls feeding with bluefin tuna and common dolphins. The tuna were massive and leaping clear of the water but they were too quick for photos today. On the final trip, we found yet more dolphins and porpoises, and an ocean sunfish. Apparently the water is thick with mackerel.