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Tuesday 1st August

a person riding a wave on a surfboard in the ocean

August’s weather started as most of July has gone, with wind, rain and a bit of a sea running. However the wildlife sightings continued to be brilliant. It does seem to be the case that when we get loads of low pressure systems queuing up, it sends it some amazing wildlife. This morning for example, we saw seals, endless common dolphins again, and we also had maybe the best view of a minke whale we have ever had.  We watched it lunge feeding – huge burst of movement at the surface and swallowing down mouthfuls of what appear to be anchovies. The dolphins, tuna and seabirds joined in the frenzy – again we saw astonishing numbers of the more exotic shearwaters among the “normal” Manxies, storm petrels, gannets, guillemots and gulls. This afternoon we saw one brief lunge from a (the?) minke whale, hundreds of dolphins again, and this time we got spectacular views of the tuna too as they fed with the seabirds. They seem like smaller fish than the huge ones we saw on Saturday.

So glad the wildlife is delivering all these wonders to make up for the rubbish weather!