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Monday 31st July

great shearwater

More “not ideal” weather today, however if we cancelled every time it rained we would never go, at the moment. This morning we saw lots of Risso’s dolphins, rather unexpectedly, including calves. We also saw harbour porpoises and common dolphins and this time some quite small tuna. That crazy feeding had moved offshore, and sea conditions didn’t really allow us to go out too far. Once again though, seabird sightings were phenomenol, with every type of shearwater we ever see spotted – Manx, sooty, Balearic, Great and Cory’s. There were also scores of storm petrels flitting around. This afternoon the seabird activity was still amazing, though again the vis dropped. We had great views of lots of common dolphins bow riding, and also saw a couple of harbour porpoises. There was clearly loads of bluefin tuna hunting.