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Sunday 31st March

humpback whale

Today was an eventful. We had a very choppy trip in the building south easterly sea, and had some great wildlife encounters. These included some lovely common dolphins who came and bow rode through the waves, providing a lot of excitement. We also saw porpoises, loads of seabirds, and some grey seals as well as having an exciting sail. On the way back in we found a poor humpback whale which had become entangled in some pot buoy ropes and was stuck fast. No one knows how long it had been there, as it was quite still and not struggling. We monitored the whale all afternoon along with Andy from, Jack from and Mark from, as there was nothing concrete we could do in terms of a rescue as we had no equipment and it was very rough. It was a danger to shipping as well as being in danger itself – with this in mind the crew on the inshore lifeboat came out and cut it free before it was run down by a trawler in the dark.