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Sightings Blog

St Michael's Mount

Tuesday 11th July

We had two Ocean Discovery trips today, and despite windy choppy conditions, we had some fantastic sightings. This morning we were joined by some common dolphins as we sailed southwards and we also spotted some porpoises. They were hard to spot in the challenging sea conditions, but it seemed like there were quite a few….

Friday 30th June

After a fairly good run of weather, June has finished on rather a miserable note with a lumpy westerly sea state and some soggy drizzle! As has been the case the last few days though, the wildlife made up for it this morning, with lots of Risso’s dolphins spotted, a couple of which came over…

Tuesday 30th May

There was such a lot of easterly wind this morning we had to cancel our two hour trip, which was a pity. It dropped for the afternoon a bit, though the four hour trip became a three hour. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon though wildlife sightings were probably the quietest we have had so…