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Saturday 22nd June

ocean sunfish

We had a couple of great trips today, a Bay Discovery this morning and a Discovery Voyage this afternoon. This morning we headed out into the middle of the bay largely under sail, and started to pick up bits of sealife about four miles south. Firstly a glimpse of a porpoises, then a common dolphin swam up to the boat and criss crossed us for a while, before we found a large flock of feeding shearwaters and kittiwakes. Another couple of dolphins later we stopped at the island and found several grey seals hauled out. On the afternoon four hour trip we struck gold with large numbers of common dolphins, the seals again, two minke whales (though they were tough to photograph in the grey choppy sea) and finally a sunfish basking at the surface close to the coast. There are so many shearwaters around at the moment, as well as guillemots and razorbills.