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Saturday 1st June


Wow, it’s June already so soon. It was a beautiful day today with hazy sunshine and far less wind. This morning we had a fab Bay Discovery trip – quite soon out of Penzance we spied a mass of feeding birds. These were all sorts, including different species of gulls, a few gannets, shags and guillemots. Under the seabirds we spotted a few fins – common dolphins busily baitballling the fish and holding it at the surface, and looking at the photo, there was a seal amongst them too. Searching the area, we spied more and more dolphins who were socialising, feeding and resting. On the light breeze we were able to drift downwind watching. At the island we saw the nesting seabirds and a single sleepy seal. In surprising contrast the afternoon Ocean Discovery was very quiet – we searched a large area south and west of here and along the coast too, but it seemed as though all the dolphins had moved well south out of our area which was a shame. Seabird sightings included the gannets and shearwaters, and again we saw a snoozing seal. Sometimes the two halves of the day are completely different!