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Friday 31st May

risso's dolphin

We had to cancel yesterday because of the strong northerly wind, and it was still pretty breezy today. This is an offshore wind though, so close to the coast at least, it doesn’t make for rough conditions. On the morning Ocean Discovery we found some more Risso’s dolphins – a pair this time. They were swimming quietly near the coast – this species mainly feeds at night.  We also saw an interesting variety of birds and some grey seals. The morning was followed by two Bay Discovery trips – on both of these we had a great sail across the bay on the brisk wind, and spotted some seals. These included a youngster hauled out at a spot we visit less often, and a very pretty female who was on the rocks at low tide at the end of the day. The mist made the light quiet eerie at the end of the afternoon. Hopefully it’ll be less windy tomorrow!