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Thursday 29th May

common dolphin

We had a great couple of Ocean Discovery trips today in improving conditions after the strong westerly wind of the last few days. This morning we found several small groups of common dolphins in the bay, feeding with large numbers of Manx shearwaters. There are also guillemots and razorbills amongst the big rafts of shearwaters we are seeing. At the end of the trip we saw three seals around the island. During the afternoon we had some great views of leaping common dolphins rushing over to bowride us. We also saw a puffin as well as the other seabirds! Then we were very excited at the end of the trip to finally see a Risso’s dolphin after suspecting they have been around for a little while. We saw clear evidence they had been feeding in the area with the remains of the cuttlefish that the gulls were scrapping over.