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Monday 27th May

common dolphins

We had an Ocean Discovery followed by a Bay Discovery today. The third trip was postponed until Friday because of the rain. We still had strong wind to contend with, but were able to head out to the productive areas we found yesterday. Seabird activity was again pretty awesome  with flocking shearwaters and diving gannets though there were no fins accompanying it during the morning. There was just one seal round the island. This afternoon on the Bay Discovery we had more luck after a quiet start. We headed to the middle of the bay and found hundreds of shearwaters sitting at the surface, though there was no feeding going on. This time though, there was a group of about ten common dolphins in the area, who swam over to us as we sailed. They gave us some lovely views as they surfed around us. Sometimes it is just a question of being in the right place at the right time.