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Friday 16th June

common dolphin
We had a fabulous day on the water today with wildlife in great abundance. The morning was hot, calm and (mostly) sunny for our Discovery Voyage trip, and we found common dolphins in five places further offshore. They gave us wonderful views in the silky calm water. Coming inshore we saw loads of Manx shearwaters feeding around the Runnelstone reef, and as we headed back eastwards up popped a minke whale! We only saw it once, but we smelt it (stinky minke!) and it’s great to know they are around. We also had good clear views of a harbour porpoise. This afternoon we broke our 2023 sunfish duck, and saw three in total, one of which breached clear of the water.We also saw lots more dolphins, a seal and harbour porpoises. Seems as though summer has arrived.