With the government announcement that groups of six are now allowed to meet outdoors from Monday, we are planning on resuming trips this coming (Thursday 4th June). This is in accordance with guidance given by the Professional Boatman’s Association. At first these trips will only be for a maximum of four passengers (as unfortunately two crew are needed, bringing the total to six!). Initially and it seems for the rest of June, these will be for people who live within driving distance on the day only. This is because accommodation won’t be open until at least July 4th and the government rules state that people must return to their primary residence each night. However that does actually encompass the whole of Cornwall and Devon, so it’s certainly not “locals only”. These trips will be available to book online by following the links from https://www.marinediscovery.co.uk/enquiries.html . You could also give us a call to book and pay over the phone (which actually avoids the online booking provider’s 6% fee).

Obviously times are by no means back to “normal” and it would be misleading and irresponsible for us to claim it will be business as usual. However we are confident we are able to offer our usual friendly professional service to give you a memorable trip. There may well be lots of you who will relish the opportunity of pretty much having the boat to yourselves!

For a full description of how we are adapting our service to keep visitors and staff risk to an absolute minimum please read Virus control plan 31.5.2020 . However bear in mind that while outdoor activities are shown to have far lower risk of virus transmission, NO activity can categorically state that it is risk free.

In return, we ask all our lovely visitors to adhere to the following:-

–  First and most obviously of course, please DO NOT arrive for the experience if you are exhibiting Covid symptoms, or have been in any contact with someone who has got the virus! We’re sure everyone will agree that any track and trace will only work if everyone is alert, cautious and honest.

– Please bring a face mask to the experience. We are not asking that everyone wear one throughout the trip, but there will be occasions when it is sensible to put it on e.g. when putting on lifejackets and being checked, or when using the toilet on the boat.

– Please bring hand gel if possible

– All bookings and payments are to be made in advance. We cannot accept cash on arrival or visitors to the office to book

– Please do not enter the office on arrival; wait outside.

– Please do not arrive early for this reason. The usual 15 minutes before the start of the trip is plenty.

– Please make sure you have been to the toilet before you arrive. The public toilets by the bus station are open. There are no toilets at Marine Discovery available for public use. There is a loo on the boat, but for obvious reasons we need to keep use of this to a minimum.

– While we are obviously providing lifejackets, this season we will not be providing our usual waterproof gear. Please bring your own warm, waterproof clothing. Don’t second guess the weather; it will be cooler than you think out there!

We are acutely aware that there are plenty of people in Cornwall who are uneasy at the thought of things opening up again, due to our relatively low rate of infections so far and our limited hospital beds. I’d like to stress that at this stage we are certainly not encouraging people down here to stay, and that our activity is less risky than visiting the supermarket. This is because we are keeping numbers low, taking proactive precautions to keep things clean, and crucially because we are an outdoor activity with very small numbers which is proven to have minimal risk and is within current government guidelines. We will of course be reacting to any relevant updates.

We look forward to seeing you soon and going sailing!

Hannah, Duncan, Vieve and Becca