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Wednesday 8th May

harbour porpoise

We had an Ocean Discovery today on a flat sea with hardly any wind. First of all we watched a great northern diver catch something and devour it – not sure what the victim was, but the diver gave us good views! Further south in a shiny area of plankton we picked up some movement – harbour porpoises. There was a group of five including a juvenile animal, who were initially very furtive and tricky before giving us all some great photo opportunities as they repeatedly surfaced. We went a long way south and even though the water looked promising with tidal fronts and plankton evident, it was quiet. Heading inshore there was a lot more birdlife, with gannets, shearwaters and auks spotted – one group contained puffins, guillemots and razorbilles all flying together. On the island there were a couple of grey seals resting.