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Friday 10th May

a bird swimming in water

We had a two rather warm and sunny Ocean Discovery boat trips today.

This morning we started the trip with a great northern diver as we left the harbour, then sailed south to look at numerous active gull and gannet groups feeding on the inshore fronts. Following a trail of guillemots and razorbills we found puffins throughout, though they proved difficult to get prolonged views of as they showed off their orange feet diving. We then sailed in to the coast and found all the usual avian suspects feeding and flying past and we saw two seals around the island.

On the afternoon boat trip we saw the same two seals and watched some active fulmars whirling around their nests. Motor-sailing down the coast to the Minack we had kittiwakes and Manx shearwaters soaring past the boat giving us great close views and watched them feeding. We ventured offshore following a small trail of gannets which led us to more puffins, all spread out in ones and twos. These individuals stuck around and gave us some better views.