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Tuesday 11th June

common dolphins

Our Discovery Voyage trip this morning was very productive, with perfect sailing conditions and sunny weather – though still cold! We had a great encounter with common dolphins further out, and Duncan spotted a minke whale though it was too quick for the passengers to see. Close to the coast we found a group of Risso’s dolphins, about eight in total including two small calves. They looked so white against the dark blue sea. There were also three seals hauled out on the island. We also saw the Brioc medieval sailing vessel as they sailed past Cornwall on their pan Celtic voyage. On the Bay Discovery we sailed along the coast further west than we normally do on the two hour trip, hoping to find the Risso’s again, but they had headed off somewhere else. We did have lovely views of the seals again as they slept undisturbed on the rocks, and also some of the newly hatched gull chicks.