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Thursday 25th April

common dolphin

We had a four hour trip today in cold but favourable conditions. Heading over towards St Michael’s Mount first thing we found lots of feeding shearwaters, guillemots and Manx shearwaters who looked lovely in the morning light. One of the guillemots was a bridled version of the species. We then sailed southwards, getting some good speed on the westerly breeze, and happened upon a very small and sneaky group of common dolphins. One of them totally toyed with us, giving us on brief glimpses before disappearing so we carried on. Lots more seabirds glided by and then a couple of times we picked up some rather more interested dolphins.There were just small numbers but a couple of them gave us a treat as they swam alongside us for some time. We headed to Porthcurno, but apart from the seabirds all was quiet further west. Coming back into the bay we counted three female seals at the island.