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Thursday 14th September

harbour porpoise
It definitely feels autumnal out there now despite the still-balmy temperatures. We had a four hour followed by a two hour trip today in breezy grey conditions. This morning we found a large group of common dolphins not too far away, which were swimming and socialising amongst themselves. A few of them did come over to bowride Shearwaters II, before moving on with the group. We then went a long way offshore where we saw several Corys’s and Great shearwaters as well as a couple of porpoises. There were five seals hauled out on the island as well as a little one swimming in the water. This afternoon was the first trip we have had for well over two months when we didn’t find any common dolphins – however on the other hand we had some really great views of harbour porpoises swimming close to the boat, who have everyone great views. We also saw some more Cory’s shearwaters and some sleepy grey seals.