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Saturday 6th July



a bird swimming in water

It was a blustery day today and after the strong wind overnight there was some rolling swell out there too, which made for some exciting sailing conditions. This morning the sun shone and we motored down the coast westwards staying out of the wind as much as possible, before hoisting the sails and heading back southeast. We kept the sail area to a minimum so actually had quite a gentle sail! We saw grey seals hauled out at the island, seabirds and a host of beautiful old sailing vessels who are here for the Mousehole Sea, Salts and Sails festival. We watched the end of one of the races as the winner crossed the finishing line. This afternoon we met a couple of squalls to add to the excitement, and at the height of one of these, some common dolphins decided to join us. Despite conditions everyone got some lovely views, though no photos due to the risk to the camera in the wet.