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Saturday 24th June

Risso's dolphins

It was a glorious sunny Mazey Day here in Penzance. On this morning’s four hour trip we went a long way south and found multiple pods of common dolphins. We also had great views of Risso’s dolphins closer to the coast, several hauled out grey seals. We had a very exciting first for us here in Mount’s Bay – a flying fish! Unfortunately our photographer/crew was occupied at the time so didn’t get a photo but got some fantastic views. There are lots of varieties of flying fish (64 in fact) and they are members of the Exocoetidae family – having never seen on before we don’t know what species it was. This afternoon we didn’t see any fish apart from some sandeels in the harbour, but we had some unexpected views of more Risso’s dolphins in an area we had specifically gone looking for common dolphins. Wildlife always surprises you. We also saw some grey seals hauled out and in the water.