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Friday 23rd June

group of grey seals

We  had a Discovery Voyage followed by a Bay Discovery today, in rather more southwesterly wind than we have been used to this summer. Considering this is our prevailing wind direction, we haven’t had it very often! This made conditions warm, windy and choppy and we had some great sailing. This morning we went along the coast as far as Porthcurno before heading offshore where we were found by different groups of common dolphins.They raced in to swim along with us for a while before peeling off again and then doing the same thing. On the island we saw good numbers of seals, including some interesting rather cross behaviour between them. On the short trip, most of the seals were still there, and then we sailed off into Mount’s Bay. Again, we were found by common dolphins rather than the other way round – just a few this time, but we got some good views.