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Monday 20th May

common dolphins

Everything was very quiet and sleepy this afternoon, including the weather! Firstly we watched a quiet sleepy seal on the island as the tide rose, before he reluctantly slid back into the water. Further south at one of our very reliable cetacean spots we found a small group of common dolphins, which again were resting quietly so we sat off and watched them from a distance. They swam over for a bit of an inspection of us, but didn’t seem massively interested so we left them to it. Even the birds were roosting on the water rather than flying or foraging! We found a second, larger group of dolphins a bit later on consisting of full grown adults and some smaller juveniles. They were even less interested in us so again we watched from a distance before leaving them to it. It’s important to know when you’reĀ  not wanted in this business! The flat calm water and sunshine meant we got to see the dolphins behaving exactly as nature intended, which is what we want.