Shearwater II taken from the air

I’m afraid we have some bad news.

We started running trips again last week, for small numbers of passengers, with permission from our licencing agency and from our insurance company.

Unfortunately a decision has been made at a government level this week and they have actually published some guidance (which they had not done until now). This states explicitly that all “tourist and trip boat operators must remain closed”. This is on the website and appeared today (11th June). This applies to all of us running charter boats.

There is no further detail or rationale behind the decision than to suggest that we are under the banner of “ticketed attractions”. There is currently no suggestion of when we can open again, other than the 4th July which is when hospitality starts to open. Maybe it will be sooner.

Quite why this has been decided when zoos, safari parks, National Trust gardens (also ticketed attractions), IKEA, John Lewis, buses, as well as all non essential retail are about to open – we have no idea. Basically now it is in black and white, operating obviously has insurance implications.

We will keep you updated and will let you know if anything changes as soon as we know. It’s beyond upsetting and frustrating, as I’m sure you’ll understand. Those of you who booked in the last few days we will contact individually. Sorry.