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Wednesday 5th June

Risso's dolphins

We had a Bay Discovery followed by a Discovery Voyage trip today. This morning we found four seals hauled out on the island, including “Kelp”. Two of them were getting extremely irritated by one another – it sounded like cats fighting. It was pretty windy, so while we had a good sail, everything else seemed to have been blown offshore. The afternoon four hour trip had a more productive time, with more seals spotted, lots of Manx shearwaters and a group of about 15 common dolphins who were very sociable. At the end of the trip we were really pleased to find a group of Risso’s dolphins with two calves. These little ones were sticking very close to their mothers and one had a proper little yellow face, indicating it was quite young. As ever with Risso’s, extreme care needs to be taken with boat handling, especially when they have youngsters.