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Thursday 6th June

Risso's dolphins

We had an Ocean Discovery trip this morning in perfect sailing conditions though it feels more like April, temperature wise. Heading out we had an encounter with a scattered pod of four Risso’s dolphins – three adults and one calf. The mum/calf pair is the same one we saw yesterday, and the other two adults were on their own. She was confident enough to swim right past us with her baby; a special moment. On the island we then counted six seals – a male, four females hauled out together and one in the water. The ones who were bickering yesterday, were right next to each other again, still bickering! Further out it was rather quiet apart from Manx shearwaters and the odd fulmar and kittiwake soaring past.

It felt especially poignant today telling the story of the Mulberry Dock wreck on this 80th anniversary of the start of the D-Day landings in Normandy. It’s said this was originally part of the Mulberry Harbour artificial harbour moored off the coast of Omaha beach but ended up in Mount’s Bay after an awful storm. Thinking of those fine old gentlemen of all nationalities today, and the friends they lost, and the huge terrifying task they faced.