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Tuesday 4th July

common dolphin

We had a four hour trip followed by a two hour trip today. As has become “normal” over the last few weeks, we found Risso’s dolphins first thing  – we are starting to recognise some of them now as we get good ID shots, and we have certainly seen some of these individuals in previous years. We had a similar run of sustained sightings in 2015 and to a lesser extent in 2018. We then headed further out and mostly dodged the rain which was falling on the land, and had some great encounters with common dolphins and seabirds. At the end of the trip we saw several grey seals on the island and even saw the Risso’s once more near Lamorna. On the afternoon trip, our luck sadly ran out – we searched in vain for the Risso’s dolphins, before heading offshore to try and find some commons. Instead we saw a massive bout of rain heading straight for us, which made things very wet and very cold unfortunately! We did have good views of a few seals, and the seabirds flying past were quite impressive. We have an unsettled spell of weather coming up – hopefully it won’t last too long.