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Tuesday 22nd August

Portuguese man o'war

We had a really long day in unbroken sunshine today with a four hour trip, followed by 2 two hour trips. This morning there were small groups of common dolphins everywhere we went. Mostly they were small pods of 4-6 animals, but a few had more like 20 dolphins in them, including a nursery pod we found near Lamorna. Bird sightings were much quieter than the same day yesterday, but what was really interesting was the thickness of the plankton. The sea looked like soup, and there were a lot of compass jellyfish pulsing around. We had our first sighting this summer of a Portuguese man o’war, which usually appear after a prolonged period of unsettled weather (check). The two hour trips both found grey seals and common dolphins, and this evening we also saw harbour porpoises and bluefin tuna.