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Monday 21st August

ocean sunfish

We had a couple of days off this weekend but we were back out on the water today, and we had a very biodiverse day. On this morning’s four hour trip cetaceans included lots of common dolphins, two harbour porpoises, and we had a brief view of a lunge feeding minke whale. There were also loads of bluefin tuna hunting with the dolphins and for the first time in ages we saw an ocean sunfish. We had good views as it basked at the surface. Seabird sightings continued to impress, with sooty, great and Cory’s shearwaters spotted feeding with the Manxes and the usual hordes of gannets. At the end of the trip we saw several grey seals hauled out. On the afternoon three hour there was quite a lot more southerly wind which made it quite choppy, but we still managed to find an impressive feeding frenzy of common dolphins, bluefin¬†¬† tuna, gannets and shearwaters. We also saw a smaller nursery pod of dolphins closer to the coast including a very little calf.