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Tuesday 18th July

risso's dolphin

It was a long day today with a four hour followed by a three hour trip. This morning we had some good sailing conditions and we were able to get a long way offshore. However we didn’t need to before we found both common and Risso’s dolphins inshore. The common dolphins bowrode with us for a long time, before we found the Risso’s and then multiple groups popped up throughout the trip. We also had good views of hauled out seals, and seabirds. This afternoon the weather really came in and we were toying with the idea of shortening the trip to two hours, but the sightings were just too good! We found a harbour porpoise, Risso’s dolphins and common dolphins even before we got to Mousehole, where we saw a couple of seals round the island. When we we sailing in the rain and squally wind, I spotted to the south a big mass of seabirds feeding: gannets, gulls, storm petrels, manx shearwaters and rushing round amongst them were lots and lots of common dolphins. We have never seen so many storm petrels! As we sailed towards the Mount, the rain cleared and the sun came out so it was definitely worth staying out! Thanks to the cheery passengers who put up with the weather to see the wildlife.