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Wednesday 19th July

a dolphin swimming in a body of water

We had a four hour trip this morning followed by a two hour Bay Discovery. The four hour  Discovery Voyage was in the best sea conditions we have had for a four hour in a while and the guests had fantastic sightings! We saw Risso’s dolphins along with some tiny new calves, common dolphins also with some tiny calves and just when we hadn’t seen dolphins for a little while, up popped a large pod of porpoises as well. We also had great views of grey seals. This afternoon’s two hour passengers saw both species of dolphins again, including some interesting interactions between the commons and the Risso’s – there didn’t seem to be any aggression this time, instead the Risso’s just ignored them and swam away. It might be like an annoying little sibling/cousin buzzing around and wanting to join in. You could practically hear them saying “please go away, you’re annoying us.”