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Thursday 29th June

common dolphin

We had a three hour Ocean Discovery followed by a four hour Discovery Voyage today – a busy day! This morning we  found multiple groups of Risso’s dolphins – there are certainly a lot around at the moment. There were some younger, darker juveniles who we have seen several times this week, plus some older much more scarred animals. With this species of dolphin you need to be very patient and careful as they are very vulnerable to disturbance, but if you handle your boat properly you can get some lovely views. We also had a common dolphin race in and race off again, as well as some seals around the island. This afternoon we sailed out of the bay, watching out for Risso’s, and we found them fairly quickly. We got some great views of them surfing through waves and surfacing in front of the Mount. Further offshore we were joined by two common dolphins who put on a very exuberant display as we sailed, and we also spotted and ocean sunfish.