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Thursday 13th July

common dolphins

Lots more common and Risso’s dolphins today on both our morning and afternoon Ocean Discovery trips. This morning the commons stayed with us for about half an hour as we gently sailed along on the breeze. Sea conditions were much nice than they have been for a while as well. We also saw grey seals hauled out on the rocks and in the water. This afternoon we saw Risso’s dolphins very quickly though they were acting in a typically reserved and elusive manner. While we were waiting for them to re surface we saw a large ocean sunfish which we got good views of before it slowly swam away. A little further on we saw a small group of common dolphins who swam round the boat for a while, before seeing a few more Risso’s dolphins briefly! Tomorrow’s weather looks outrageous so trips are cancelled, but I’m cautiously optimistic next week is looking a little calmer.