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Sunday 16th July

Harbour porpoise

More strong wind the last couple of days meant that we cancelled trips and shortened the four hour to a three hour this morning. There was plenty of wildlife to be found though: this morning we saw common dolphins a couple of times and we also had great views of some harbour porpoises swimming very close to the boat. We also saw grey seals hauled out, and seabirds. There was still a lot of swell from the strong wind so we didn’t go too far offshore. This afternoon we spotted some gulls feeding on cuttlefish as soon as we left the harbour, showing the Risso’s dolphins were still around somewhere close, and we soon spotted them. Again they were behaving more like bottlenose dolphins than Risso’s with some energetic socialising and leaping going on. There appeared to be about thirty of them in total. After going for a sail offshore we found them again at other points on the trip – they haven’t left us just yet!