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Wednesday 12th July

risso's dolphin face

Where has summer gone? It’s like October out there! Despite the cool windy conditions today’s passengers were again rewarded for their hardiness and enthusiasm, with common dolphins and Risso’s dolphins on both trips. There appear to be so many Risso’s around at the moment, as we are finding them in multiple spots all in the same trip. There are some very pale adults, and some darker juveniles, and we also saw some rather smaller juveniles this afternoon as well. We haven’t yet seen any tiny newborns, but there’s still time. This morning we had great views of common dolphins also, though the camera batteries were flat so the photos were taken on Sara’s phone. This afternoon we only had a very fleeting visit from the commons, but we also spotted some harbour porpoises as we came back into the bay into a squall. I’m pretty sure that if it eventually calms down we will be seeing lots of them.