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Sightings Blog

lands end

Tuesday 7th May

We had a fully booked Discovery Voyage this morning in bright sunshine. We went round to Land’s End and were treated to a shearwater spectacular of hundreds of them feeding in the tidal races, along with fulmars, kittiwakes and other gulls, gannets and lots of auks. There were also lots of seals hauled out on…

Saturday 20th April

We had our firstĀ  four hour sail of the season this morning in rather more easterly wind thanĀ  was forecast. It built behind us as we sailed into the Land’s End area, where it was much calmer and we saw lots of bird life including some feeding Manx shearwaters, as well as some grey seals….

Thursday 15th June

We had two Ocean Discovery trips today in calm conditions and hot sun. We saw grey seals down at the island, especially well this morning when they were hauled out on the rocks. We then headed westwards and everything seemed very quiet – until lots of feeding gannets were spotted in the far distance. Underneath…