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Sunday 2nd July

common dolphin

It was very windy yesterday so it was the right choice for a day off. Back on the water today with a four hour then a three hour trip. This morning we spotted some Risso’s dolphins as we headed out of the bay – they were in quite an elusive mood but we did get some great views of some distant repeated breaching behaviour, as well as some closer surfaces. Further offshore we saw several small groups of common dolphins who swam with us as we sailed, and also lots of manx shearwaters and guillemots.  On the afternoon three hour trip, the Risso’s were once again there, but hard to see, until one surfaced very near the boat and surfed behind us as we sailed gently across the breeze. Further out some crazy distant splashing showed us where they were breaching again, several more this time, but not in the mood to be watched so we left them to it. It was quieter offshore this time, but coming into the island we did see a couple of seals.