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Saturday 16th September

harbour porpoise

We had a four hour trip followed by a two hour trip today is steadily worsening weather conditions! It started off bright and sunny though, and we had some lovely encounters with grey seals, common dolphins, harbour porpoises and bluefin tuna. One of the passengers described the dolphins as “millions” – there weren’t quite that many, but there were certainly a lot! We also saw some of the more autumnal waders – herons and whimbrels – around the island. This afternoon the wind had dropped so we motored south and watched the seals, then continued to the “porpoise spot” of the last couple of days, and it didn’t disappoint. We had fantastic views of them charging around hunting under raining gannets. Then the actual rain started with earnest – it poured in fact. Luckily we had the jolliest most enthusiastic bunch on board – thanks guys! We saw lots of common dolphins sailing back in, who gave us some up close and personal encounters, much to everyone’s delight.