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Friday 12th April

common dolphin

We had two Ocean Discovery trips today in a lively south westerly sea, but it was so good to see the sun again! This morning we again saw lots and lots of the little by-the-wind-sailors – with their little sails up, perhaps they were enjoying the sailing as much as we were. There were plenty of seabirds to be seen including kittiwakes, gannets, shearwaters and loads of auks, and at the end of the trip we saw a few grey seals hauled out on the rocks.  This afternoon the wind picked up a little though the racing tide had slowed a little. After bumping down the coast, we hoisted the sails and headed offshore where we found some common dolphins! They swam along with us briefly before getting on with their business, but everyone got good views. We also saw grey seals and good numbers of seabirds.