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Wednesday 20th March

grey seal

It was our first trip of the year today! The threatened mist and drizzle stayed away and by the end of the trip there was bright sunshine and blue sea. We found lots of grey seal hauled out on the island first of all, including several juveniles and adults we didn’t recognise. There were good numbers of fulmars paired up and on the ledges at the cave, so hopefully a successful breeding season is on its way. Lots of guillemots were spotted, both on the water and flying past, as well as a few gannets, kittiwakes and early Manx shearwaters. Further offshore we had the unexpected sight of some small bluefin tuna leaping, which everyone got to see. And then closer to the coast we saw a couple of harbour porpoises, though they were too unpredictable to photograph. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow!