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Tuesday 27th June

Risso's dolphin

It’s a grey and windy day so we just ran the one trip today – an Ocean Discovery this morning. Wildlife sightings were very good. We quickly had excellent views of a very sociable Risso’s dolphin who approached us and swam along for a time. We then motored into the choppy waves a bit further south where there appeared to be a lot of them feeding with gulls in attendance, but getting good views was tricky. After we hoisted the sails and headed westwards we had better luck with a few common dolphins who swam with us a while as we sailed, but coming in we had some really good views of a lot more Risso’s dolphins inshore. In particular there were a few juveniles who did several passes under the boat, showing us clearly how big this species is compared to the commons. We then watched some grey seals dozing in the water by the island.