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Sunday 9th July

an animal swimming in the ocean
This morning we started with a Ocean Discovery trip we sailed south soon picking up our first two sunfish of the day. Shortly followed by our first interactive common dolphins of the day. We also saw two Risso’s Dolphins, one of which gave our guests great views racing up the boat bow-riding.
We sailed south on this afternoons Ocean Discovery and soon found a large number of gulls feeding, especially Mediterranean Gulls. But with no fins feeding underneath we carried on. We managed to spot a small pod of Common Dolphins further south who stuck with us for a short while. Further west we found a group of three Harbour Porpoises who circled us and came right alongside close to the boat, a mother calf pair with a hopeful suspected male. We then managed to spot another three sunfish, two of which were basking next to each other in the current.
Tomorrow’s weather has unfortunately cancelled us so we will wait and see what the rest of the week holds.