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Sunday 23rd July

a dog swimming in a body of water

After the strong wind of yesterday we had a lumpy sea so we shortened the four hour to a three hour. We had great sightings nonetheless with lots of common dolphins groups spotted, both on the move and feeding. We also had great views of some sleeping Risso’s dolphins – we sat very still and quiet and the whole group swam past as they dozed. A real privilege. This afternoon’s Bay Discovery was a good one – on the way out to Mousehole, we spotted a small pod of common dolphins feeding inshore with some gannets, who gave us some good views. We then watched the seals on the island, before striking out offshore where we found a big feeding frenzy of gannets and dolphins. On the way in, we briefly spotted a porpoise, before another group of commons closer to the shore. A very dolphiny day! We also had great views of some of the Fastnet yachts as they raced past Land’s End on their way to the Fastnet Rock and back.