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Saturday 14th October

harbour porpoise

We had a three hour followed  by a two hour trip today in windy, quite tricky conditions. The sun was out though and we had some exciting sailing. This morning we saw several seals hauled out on the rocks as well as one in the water. Sailing offshore there were feeding gannets everywhere – the first ones showed us where there were a couple of porpoises feeding who did a swim by before disappearing into the sun’s glare. There was evidence of bluefin tuna feeding everywhere, and we saw one lot of breaching as they chased smaller fish at the surface. There were also lots of Cory’s shearwaters, who were enjoying the windy conditions and steep waves. The afternoon two hour trip we saw very similar species, including the porpoises – though I think this might be the first day in about three months when we haven’t seen any common dolphins!