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Friday 1st September

bottlenose dolphin calf
After the cancellations yesterday due to the foul weather we had an extra long day today, with two Ocean Discovery trips and a postponed Bay Discovery at the end of the day. Sightings were brilliant on all three. On both the three hour trips we saw common dolphins and grey seals, and we had a couple of lovely encounters with an offshore pod of bottlenose dolphins. These had come in to the coast from further out to sea, and they had some very small calves with them so they kept themselves mostly hidden. We still got some beautiful views though. We went on to have some great encounters with bowriding common dolphins. On the morning trip we also saw some of the larger species of shearwater again, notably some Cory’s and greats. On the evening Bay Discovery not only did we find some more common dolphins and  seals, but we saw some spectacular breaches from hunting bluefin tuna.